Priori Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex


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Product Description

Priori Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex is a revolutionary and unique product designed to boost the results of your current anti-ageing skincare regime. The serum harnesses three enzymes which mimic the body's own DNA Repair enzymes and help to reverse damage to the DNA caused by free radicals. 

With key anti-oxidants to help prevent further damage, anti-inflammatory ingredients and Hyaluronic Acid the serum also soothes and calms the skin as well as providing superior hydration. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Product Hints and Tips

Expert Opinion

This product is a fantastic addition to your skincare regime that you will not be disappointed with. It is suitable for all skin types, offering a great improvement in reducing redness. It was voted Priori's hottest product for 2012 for a reason. This is definitely a key desert island product.

To sum up, this amazing product is:

  • Cutting edge of Anti-ageing science
  • New level of defence against ageing
  • Deep repair of cellular damage at the most crucial level
  • Normalises cells and ensures new cell growth is in optimum health
  • Boosts the results of all other products